Underground Panic Rooms

Underground Panic Rooms

What would you do if a tornado hit or you needed to defend yourself against a potential threat? The instinct is to seek cover, but hiding in your basement beneath a table is not the best solution!

Safe rooms are critical for overall protection and purpose building because they defend against weather emergencies and security threats.

“safe room” and “panic room” are often used interchangeably. A secure panic room can also serve a specialised purpose, such as sheltering valuable items and people against explosions or forced entry.

In this situation, the panic room will be designed with explosive mitigation in mind, featuring blast-proof windows, bullet-proof doors, and FP walls.

Underground Panic Rooms: What Are They?

A panic room is a purpose-built facility that protects those inside. Such rooms can be built in private homes, government buildings, embassies, and public venues.

When we talk about panic rooms, there are two types:

Aboveground Panic Rooms
Underground Panic Rooms

Aboveground panic rooms are often built at ground level for easy access in an emergency.

However, such rooms are inefficient in storms because flying debris can easily collapse on the room, leaving it exposed.

Similarly, aboveground panic rooms are more vulnerable to criminal attacks.

On the other hand, underground panic rooms are constructed below the earth and can easily resist hurricanes and tornadoes.

Even in an attack or blow, most of the structure is underground, ensuring maximum safety.

Why Do You Need an Underground Panic Room?

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons you need an underground panic room:


The first and most obvious advantage is that an underground panic room provides shelter from bad weather or an attack.

For example, debris can fall from all directions onto an aboveground panic room. However, it will only affect the top or entrance of an underground panic room.

Because it is built below ground, an underground panic room can provide good safety in a major explosion!

These structures can also be reinforced with bomb-proof windows, blast-proof doors, and even forced entry-resistant doors to provide further security.

Higher Property Value

Adding an underground panic room to your home may increase its property value.

Adding a secure area to your property might increase its value and serve as a selling factor.

A built-in safe/panic room can be helpful, particularly in areas requiring extreme weather protection or additional security.

room underground

Extra Storage

A panic room is intended to provide protection and security during a crisis or attack, but it can also serve as extra storage space throughout the year.

In addition to providing protection, the panic room can hold items that would otherwise take up too much space in your home!

Another advantage is that you can stockpile emergency supplies and store them in your panic room.

Are safe rooms better than underground storm shelters?


The U.S. has the highest annual tornado count. The United States suffered around 1376 tornadoes in 2021, up from 1075 tornadoes the year before.

The government approves using safe rooms or storm shelters to protect against tornadoes and keep you safe.

Safe rooms and underground storm shelters serve the same objective regardless of their build or location.

You may ask whether you should build a safe room or an underground storm shelter. Let’s look at the differentiating aspects so you can make an informed decision.

Underground Storm Shelters aren’t flood-resistant.

Tornadoes, like rain, require a range of environmental conditions.

They form when thunderstorms have the necessary pressure. Heavy rain may fall following the tornado, causing problems for underground storm shelters.

Because they are built below ground level, heavy rains may cause flooding and leave them unusable. On the other hand, safe rooms built above ground are made of reinforced steel, which gives them an advantage over underground shelters.

Underground shelters are not affected by high-speed winds.

The location of storm shelters and safe rooms is also essential. The tornado’s tremendous winds have little effect on underground storm shelters because they are underground. Because it is underground, it shields you from high-speed debris.

Safe chambers must be fashioned of reinforced steel to endure 300 mph tunnelling tornado winds and flying debris. When purchasing a safe room, look for FEMA accreditation.

Underground shelters can be buried beneath rubble.

Tornadoes cause considerable damage to structures and can completely reshape the landscape in which they pass. It can demolish buildings and leave them in decay.

Underground shelters might be a disadvantage since they can be buried under debris and rubble soon after the storm has passed. You could become trapped inside, requiring you to wait for help.

Safe rooms positioned above ground are less likely to be buried by rubble. They are also more apparent than the underground sanctuary, which could take rescuers some time to find.

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